Mistress chef


With my birthday on the way I am going to have a “Mistress chef” party Based on the Master Chef series. Have invited some off my friends to come and cook for me Brilliant plan I think Or it can be just me being lazy No never I think it’s just a brilliant plan

At the moment I am packing goody bags and planning the mystery box content. Here it’s how I hope the evening will work.

Two people on starter, three on fish dish and three on mains. I will do the dessert. That is another nightmare for me Later about that. Each group will have five minutes to decide what too cook and then between twenty to forty-five minutes to cook. If it’s not on the plate we will go with out eating.

As they only see the mystery box on the night it sure will be fun to see how creative they are. In each box there will be things that go together and things that are way out. They can use one or two of the ingredients or all off them. Do not want to tell what the content off each box will be at the moment. The reason why is that I still don’t know myself and the party is in a days time.

Today is shopping time for all the wine,bubbly and mystery box ingredients . Making the dessert is the problem. To challenge myself I want to make the Adriano Zumbo‘s V8 cake. But some of the ingredients are very difficult to get. Gallan gum is one-off the things that I can not get. A vital ingredient for one-off the eight layers off the cake. If I can not come up with an alternative we will have a V7 cake and not a V8 cake. Or even a Annymac concoction. Hope it will work out

As all my friends think it is for my birthday that we are doing this, It is not. This is my idea to get them to be so exited about this, so we can start a dinner club. What better way to discuss food, by drinking good wine and eating.

Let the fun begin




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