Winter chi rooibos tea

  Today I decided it’s time to make my own chi rooibos tea. as I need to fill the house with the fragrant flavours of roasting spice. 

Normally chi is made with black tea. As a proud South African, and just to try something new , I used Rooibos tea.


Roast the follow together in the oven at 180C for 10 minutes

2 Stix of cinnamon (love cinnamon as I see this as comfort food smell and winter)

Two star anise 

10 cardamom pods split 

1 tsp black pepper corns and fennel seeds

1/2 tsp cloves

In a clean  airtight container add 100g loose rooibos tea , 2tbs candied ginger (was more but as I was waiting for the spice to roaste I nibbled on it) Baie Lekker

When the spice is roasted Let it cool down Pound it fine (not to a powder ,must have a corse texture)

Add the cool spice into the tea and ginger mix 

Leave to infuse Then make a Lekker cup of tea.

To brew the tea I use a 2 heaped teaspoons tea Add it to my pot and fill the pot with boiling water Let it stand for 5 minutes  For something decadent even boil it in milk for a  midnight drink A splash of ginger brandy added for when you want to be naughty 

You can have it with some hot milk  and honey or sugar.

 I love it without milk or sugar Only a little grated nutmeg on top 

Serve warm with chocolate dipped candied lemon and orange pieces 



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