As it is winter the wedding cake season is coming to an end. It is time to spread my wings and try something new. Time to cook and not just bake.

On date night I decided that a hearty pretty as art on a plate will be the thing, Had a lot of trouble sourcing the black slate tiles that I used for plates. Found it eventually at one of my local tile shops. The only one that sells natural stone. The man was very helpful and even selected the flattest tiles out of a pile outside.

First had to make the tiles food save. Hope it was the correct way to do it. Washed it in warm soapy water and let it dry , then rub it all over top bottom and sides with olive oil That seemed to work.

So the cooking started. Inspiration from my cooking books jumped out at me. I wanted to cook everything . Had a shopping list as long as my arm and off to the shops i went.  Shock when I wanted to buy some meat and saw the price  So looking for something lekker (South African word for nice) and affordable. So i found some lovely pork belly, parsnips, beetroot and butternut.

This recipe is still in the development phase Need more work to make it perfect

Here is the recipe


1.5kg pork belly of the bone

2 bottles 350ml apple cider

2 onions sliced in half

2 green apples sliced in 4

1 celery bulb sliced

Salt and pepper to taste


Sunflower oil

1 Beetroot

4 slices of butternut

8 green beans

4 white button mushrooms


Pat the pork dry .Slice the skin of the pork and rub it with salt and pepper (herbs can be added)

Place the onion, green apple, celery and cider in an oven tray, salt and pepper. Place the pork on top and cover lightly with foil. Slow roast in the over at 150-160 C until the pork is nice and soft, plus minus 2 to 3 hours. Remove the foil and let the skin crisp up. When skin is crispy remove from the belly. Let the meat rest for 10 minutes.

Cook the parsnips in salted water until soft. Blend in a blender with some butter and cream till it is a smooth pure. Keep warm

Fry some of the parsnips in the oil for the chips.

Cook beetroot in salted water, Cut in tiny blocks

Cook the butternut slices in butter till it is soft and tender. Salt and pepper

Cut the pork in blocks and brown in a pan with butter. Add the mushrooms and green beans

Reduce the pork cider cooking sauce.  Glaze pork with it

Plate up and have fun.


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